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Pressotherapy & Lymphatic Drainage

Pressotherapy is a compression system that effectively stimulates venous and lymphatic flow while simultaneously getting rid of excess bodily fluids. 

What is it?

Pressotherapy is a proven technology that positively affects the entire body. It is versatile and works well when paired with many other sculpting techniques. It is 100% effective post-procedures such as cavitation or cryolipolysis. Post cavitation or cryolipolysis, it is necessary to provide a drainage massage as to support the removal of toxins from tissues, induce the destroyed fat cells to be expelled into the lymphatic system, releases excess water (oedema) as well as other toxic substances that remain post treatment. By providing lymphatic drainage, this process has a positive effect on the skin's relief, restores its elasticity and firmness, reduces stagnant intercellular oedema in the lymph and reduces cellulite also known as "orange peel". The most popular uses are post body slimming treatments, to support clients suffering from Lipoedema and Lymphoedema, to treat athletes as well as clients seeking help with physiological problems. 

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  • Detoxifies the body through the lymphatic system

  • Complements other fat reducing or body contouring treatments

  • Alleviates symptoms associated with lymphedema, surgery, or congenital conditions

  • Reduces discomfort, fatigue, or fluid retention

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