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Oomnex Tonospier
(Body Treatment)

The Oomnex TonoSpier is the newest system of Electric Muscle Stimulation that uses gentle electrical current pulses in order to stimulate muscle contraction and improve skin toning. 


  • Body Slimming

  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Training

  • Body remodeling and shaping

  • Buttocks firming and shaping

Oomnex TonoSpier operates by using electric muscle stimulation to send electric pulses through the skin in order to create muscle contractions and blood circulation improvement. Ultimately, the treatment allows for intensive muscle contractions to build and strengthen muscles in a safe and effective way. By combining this treatment with regular exercise to tone muscles, results will be even greater and long-lasting!



  • Increase muscle strength and density

  • Helps to decrease the volume of local fat deposits

  • Increase skin elasticity and improve its tone

  • Improve lymphatic flow

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Helps with detoxification

  • Speed up muscle recovery

  • Helps to tone sagging skin

  • Increase of muscle mass - about 15%

  • Burning fat - about 18%

  • Building up muscle

  • Giving your clients more muscle tone

  • Increasing muscle development and definition

  • Helps to decrease abdominal diastasis

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